Data is the Next Intel Inside

After reading this weeks facebook discussion regarding the topic my favourite exaple of the Data Inside pattern personally is youtube! I mean seriously who doesn’t LOVE youtube! Its one of the most data rich web 2.0 services available and it has become almost a global standard, even more so then facebook. Its transcended the PC to mobile devices and even into your TV’s, DVD players and the humble camcorder. It’s doing more then aggregating data its harnessing it and making it not only available to the masses to view but to contribute. It doesnt get much easier then taking a video on your phone and hitting upload to youtube. It also doesnt make it much easier to use then hitting the icon on my phone and be browsing todays most viewed in seconds! Providing I have 3G coverage 😛

Youtube has found its way into everything and its not just the browsing experience its also the tools and diversity of the whole service. The ability to upload a video and then embed that into your blogs, forum threads, websites, what ever! Not only that the shear amount of data is mind numbing. As for the who owns the data debate and what is it all worth? The dollar value is easy it was bought by google in 2006 for $1.65 billion, and google estimates it to be worth in excess of $4.5 now. But is that amount for the content, or is it for the name? Youtube is instantly recognisable and everyone automatically makes their own associations with it. Weather its the funny vid that they watched on there last night or the clip channel 7 used in their 6pm broadcast. It engrained into everything, kind of like the intel chip.

Intel is more or less the PC industry standard. Now that Mac is onboard its all down hill, with the exception of AMD of course but even they are becoming rarer. Just like youtube is inside everything. It quite literally has become the intel inside for the web2.0 standard.


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