Rich User Experiences

One of the newest and most exciting web apps that provides a truly rich user experience is googles “Wave”.  Acting as a hosted conversation tool google wave is googles attempt to revolutionise email and the way in which people communicate and collaborate. By simply starting a new wave and adding people to it you can then watch as the participants contribute the wave in real-time adding text, photos, links and widgets. It has a raft of potential uses both for the corporate and social sectors whether its to organise a party or working together on a project. I have just started using it myself as a collaboration tool in my mobile devices subject for our group assignment and its proving to be extremely good!

We can all work on the same document at the same time as well as being able to chat about it. If you leave the wave and return to it highlights all of the changes and tells you who and when they were performed. It’s also one of the first web apps I have seen that enable the drag and drop ability of a program running on the machine itself. This in itself is excellent as there is no need to use the slow one at a time browse to upload tools or the often sluggish bulk upload utilities available on many of the forums I use.

It’s also taking advantage of googles many other services they offer by interacting with apps like google maps and gmail but also external services such as  youtube and twitter with the ability to embed the wave into blogs etc. This means that someone who is an active blogger can share more of the online content they have generated with their social network as well as ensuring a rich and full experience. It also helping to transcend language barriers with a built-in real-time chat translator. This means companies with offices around the globe which employ non english speakers can collaborate and get their point across effectively.

 This is this video is the most concise overview i have found that explains the key features of wave as explained by a pair of developers.


One Response to Rich User Experiences

  1. I loved Google Wave when it came out. The demo they did at Google I/O ( captured my imagination like no other web 2.0 app has ever done. Funny thing is, I used it for about a week and haven’t gone back.
    Also check out this guide, which I found really useful:

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