Week 2, Enterprise 2, and so much to do!

Well here I am back on WordPress about to bash out another semester of insightful and informative analytically profound blog entries inspired by the ever changing and evolving realm of technology but more specifically the buzz topic of Enterprise 2.0. Blogging is nothing new to me after taking last semesters Web 2.0 course at QUT and managing to scrape a passing mark by a whopping 14%! I was somewhat disappointed by this achievement but as always there are factors at play that effect the outcomes of everything in life and INB346 was no exception. I am however digressing…

BLOGGING! I was resistant to the idea of blogging at first as I had this prefixed notion of fat whiney keyboard warriors commenting on everything the social media dredged up that day or how Mel Gibsons latest outburst made them “feel”. It wasnt until I had written my first two that I really got into the swing of the style of writing and how empowering it is to be able to express yourself properly within a body of text that in this case is assessable!

I take great pride in my written works and have always spent countless hours agonizing over every character to ensure my submission was both accurate and sterile to appear completely factual and judicious. Unless of course it was a creative short story etc but the stress was the same. This is not to say that I don’t try to carry over the same amount of attention to detail and accuracy within each of my blogs but the stresses are different and the expectations although at academic level are similar the creativity in this forum seems to flow much easier and I am finding that I actually enjoy doing my homework!

Someone else who appears to enjoy doing their homework is Sacha Chua and the comprehensive documenting of both of her lives, professional and private. As part of our weekly activities this week Jason asked us to peruse Sacha’s website and read not only the topics related to Enterprise/Web 2.0 but also some of the others that we found of interest. Being an Enterprise 2.0 consultant its and obvious necessity for Sacha to be well versed in the ways of the social media and Web2.0 but further reading has revealed it to be more of an obsession rather than just a career. Namely the use of blogging that has stemmed from her early discovery of introspection and how it has helped her throughout her life. In her blog about her discovery she tells how through writing down her thoughts, feelings and memories she was able to make sense of it all and digest it easier day-to-day. This has led into the hugely popular and well followed web presence she has today with her quirky and entertaining daily updates on her career and the small goals she sets for herself each week.

One of the ideas that i have been struggling with it since undertaking Web 2.0 last semester is the need to establish a web presence and put forward your own personal brand. The concept that everything you create and publish on the web will link back to you. Not only that but the potential for that picture of you doing a keg stand at your formal after party taken by someone else on their iPhone will ultimately affect your chances of getting your dream job is abhorrence. The boys from YouTube’s Rock the Job channel paint us a pretty depressing reality regarding exactly this and Sacha touches on a lot of what they said but ultimately it’s looking as though i will in fact need to put the same amount of effort and sterility into my blogging as a thesis.


7 Responses to Week 2, Enterprise 2, and so much to do!

  1. ledmiston says:

    “…everything you create and publish on the web will link back to you.”

    Not necessarily. It could well be that you’re suffering from a case of the ‘baby name blues’ (I myself am a victim of Popular Names (1988)) and are lost amongst the works of all the other Tony Coxs’ out there. I’m having a devil of a time trying to get you to show up on google.

    I just about manage it with the dead easy “q=toby+cox+tobycox.wordpress.com” but, unfortunately for you, the sole result that shows up is one of your classmates from Web 2.0 who, in a fairly desperate grab for content, posted a list of all the blogs in the class.

    If you’ve a Gmail account you should try signing up for the big G’s Webmaster Tools. It’s a free, very search-engine centric version of Analytics that you can latch straight onto your wordpress site through the tools page of your WordPress admin console.

    Hasn’t worked too well for me, yet. Not enough posts AFAIK. I’m still being outranked by a chess playing weeny and an emigre family of fishmongers from Aberdeen 😥

    • tobycox says:

      I may have made a sweeping generalisation there however my lack of google hits could also be attributed to my crafty use of the internet 😛 Im not a facebook user i am however an extremely active member of forums around the web under aliases. Its more a case of the facebook users posting photos of them hammered on sunday night at the fox and having there boss who just happens to be on their friends list peruse your profile after you call in sick on monday. Stupid is as stupid does….

      • ledmiston says:

        First critereon of the CRA for assignment 1: “Practical ability to leverage off web 2.0 to enhance personal branding.” Also: “Author looks moderately to highly credible in the field of Enterprise 2.0”

        To my mind that screams “Is visible!” but since I’ve been trawling through SEO howtos for the past three days I’ll allow that I might be a bit biased.

      • tobycox says:

        not sure i follow what your getting at there buddy… But thanks for the look!

      • ledmiston says:

        Yeah, dunno that I made myself fully clear, here. My point was that contributions under anonymous accounts are pretty hard to win marks off’ve for the weekly tasks.

        By-the-by, you’re showing up a bit better on Google now than you were before. The big G has, at least, figured out who you are on Twitter.

  2. Hi Toby, I get what you mean about everything linking back to you but what I dont understand is why there is so much emphasis put on it nowadays. I’m sure that before the internet people still did keg stands and people still hired them. However now that peoples private life is becoming public its becoming more and more of an issue. Not sure if that is a good thing to be honest.

    • tobycox says:

      Hi Justin,
      I think that its more a case of the option is there for employers and potential employers to stalk you in cyberspace now and they would be crazy not too! At the same time its up to you to make sure that your facebook settings are managed in such a way that if you do have compromising content or simply dont want everyone to be able to view it its set to private. I know that my partners facebook is locked down so much so you cannot even find her on facebook if you search for her name. Its a case of her having to ad you before you can view pictures, friends lists etc. I on the other hand simply dont have one!

      Its a crazy world we live in and unfortunately being PC all the time is becoming critical. 😦

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