GOOGLE, Taking Over The World One Blog at a Time!

Here we are again avid blog fans after a couple of weeks break after folio one’s submission I sadly had to devote my time to other subjects ever so briefly. Flunked my first exam EVER! But have applied to do a double degree so its only going to get better from here! But once again as the blogging forum often allows me to do, I digress…

Week seven already! This semester is flying by! Only 6 assignments and 3 exams and I’m almost half way done! BUT if its week seven that can mean only one thing…. Corporate blogs and micro blogging! A very open-ended and broad scope as they so often are but this gives one the opportunity to spin it in any number of ways. I’m a 70/30 kind of guy myself but we’ll save that for another day…

As some of you may have guessed the corporation/juggernaut I decided to investigate is Google. So often the front-runner in all things Web2.0 Google makes prolific use of both internal and external blogging. Not only within in the company itself but now offers it to their premium customers adopting Google’s cloud applications Google apps. This is Google asserting total domination in the new buzz that is cloud computing and the new addition of blogging tools to the already overflowing treasure troth of hosted applications including Gmail for Business, Google Calender, and my favourite Google Sites, means it’s a well-rounded resource.

The main focus of this however is Google’s own successes with using blogging internally for knowledge sharing, and the publishing of a public blog for information sharing with the public. Google is an extremely diverse and dynamic company that embraces creative freedoms and supports the development of new ideas. They realise that people are the number one asset and tool when it comes to being successful and by looking after them and promoting the sense of being in a team as much as they can it propagates the creative energy that has made them so successfully. Don’t just take my word for it have a look here and here for yourself and just try to tell me you don’t wish you worked there!

Google uses internal blogging as a means of idea sharing beyond the individual office. They have some 65 offices around the world and employ over 10,000 staff globally, now that’s a lot of ideas! The way their offices are structured promotes the team atmosphere so when you have a eureka moment it’s just a matter of turning to the people in the pod next to you and saying “Hey I just had a thought” and the ball is rolling. But what about the company as a whole? Being a technology firm with some of the best and brightest at its disposal blogging is the ultimate way to harness the collective intelligence. Which is one of the biggest benefits of enterprise 2.0 collaboration techniques.

But what about Google’s corporate blog?  Google uses their subsidiary as a platform to publicise in an informal way what the company is working on and what they are releasing. This enables them to communicate with the public in a more personable way that won’t attract as much scepticism as a simple press release through a media outlet. It’s kind of like Google’s writing a personal memo saying, “Hey check out what we’ve been up to” and you can read it as exactly that. It almost tricks you into thinking that it’s not one of the biggest corporations on the planet vying for total domination of everything with a power supply and a high-speed internet connection.